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We want to thank all those involved in helping us make it through this trip:

Douglas Grimes of MIR Corp for logistics and support through all of Asia and Central Asia.

Corkie Van Zak of Pro Travel for flight and visa support and hooking us up with MIR Corp.

Rachel Ulale of Shumacher Freight for motorcycle shipping to China.

Jah from Ride China for logistics and support through China

William Weiss for motorcycle prep and roadside support throughout the trip.

Alexandra and her husband Phillip for our wonderful stay and tour in Luxembourg City

Rendell Johnson for inspiring this whole crazy dream.

Our various guides for guiding us but especially Ching and Aldar from Mongolia for

which we truly owe our lives to.


Our wives Eva and JoAnn and families for tolerating our obsessions and holding the fort down

while we were away.

And a special shout out to Nick Miramontes for shooting the bulk of the photography and

fixing our bikes up after we crashed and for giving up his career in LA to go on this trip.

Mike Winn for providing constant laughs and positive attitude.

Tim Brown for putting this whole circus together and writing this blog.

Brian Yarnell for gifting me the solar power unit that helped us get through Mongolia


Jeff Obser for copy editing all the text on this site.

Bill Gubbins for valuable writing insight and motivating me to write this all down.

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